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August 31, 2018
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November 1, 2018


Happy Gandhi Jayanti- Happy Path of Peace and Nonviolence to You!

Today, on 149th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, we salute him for his role in the struggle for independence of India and his impeccable patience and wisdom.

The sun of the British Empire finally set in India in 1947, after around 200 years. Our motherland has witnessed struggles and battles to win her throne in every way. Some tried to win the battle with swords and weapons and some tried to win with betrayal.  But there was an ordinary looking man who fought a battle to win independence with peace and nonviolence- MAHATMA GANDHI.

Born in 1896 to a Gujarati family, Mahatma Gandhi studied law in London and enrolled at the Inner Temple with the intention of becoming a barrister. Being shy and introvert since childhood, he overcame the fear of public speaking. His beliefs and ideologies were not restricted to just to India, but all over the world. He outshone as a political and social activist in South Africa when he faced racial discrimination by the European magistrates.

He claimed to be a man of flaws but he always proved his wisdom and intelligence in ways one couldn’t even think of. There is no doubt why several books were written on Mahatma Gandhi and his life. When he returned to India, he chose the path of peace and nonviolence to win battles against the European rule. Be it the “Satyagraha” Movement or several news articles Gandhi wrote against British, they extract a conclusion that truth and nonviolence are not for the weak, but it takes a lot of courage to endure your struggles with patience and consistency.

When India was facing a rage for independence, Mahatma Gandhi became the activist who believed in the notion that peace can bring freedom. His hunger strikes and silent protests have been the reasons why he was imprisoned by the British government, not one but several times. He was arrested for voicing his opinions and standing against the wrong.

All through his life, he followed the path of truth. He accepted his mistakes and faults since his adolescence and vowed to never repeat them. He was so firm on his decisions that some of the leaders were not quite happy with his choice of nonviolence but his principles remained the same.


Today, India recognizes him as the Father of The Nation, and his teachings are present in the forms of books. He is famous for his path of peace and inevitable wisdom, all over the globe. He left an irreplaceable mark in the history of India’s independence. Whenever we think of Mahatma Gandhi, we think of an ordinary looking man dressed in white dhoti and a stick in his hand and round-rimmed spectacles – it explains how he followed simplicity in his life as well. His thoughts were based on facts and he followed simple ideology. He showed us that it is the determination and consistency of your action that decides your future. The calmness within you gives better space for your ideas, making you deal with your problems than a disturbed mind filled with rage. You are vulnerable when you are angry, but to pour your anger out in a positive way- makes all the difference.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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