The difficult story behind Instagram’s most famous ‘yogi’

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The difficult story behind Instagram’s most famous ‘yogi’

She has thousands of fans because of her beautiful photos, but for Heidi Williams yoga has been a survival method.

He is known as Heidi Williams and many of you know her by her Instagram account, in which she is shown practicing complex and beautiful yoga poses in beautiful scenarios that give her images a clear aesthetic taste.

But the story behind her and her passion for yoga is not so well known, and it is a complicated and courageous reality of self-improvement and the fears that gripped her after a difficult time in her life.

It all happened in 2013 when his young son Silas stopped breathing and had to be revived: “He basically died and came back to life,” Williams tells The Huffington Post .

Yoga as salvation

After this episode, the boy recovered perfectly and enjoys excellent health, but Williams was left marked and since then began to suffer mental disorders to the point of self-harm each time his son cried.

After months of dragging the same situation, she went to the doctor and the doctor diagnosed a deep depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress after what happened with her little one. She began to go to therapy and also decided to look for a hobby that, in the long run, has changed his life: yoga.

Her particular ‘therapy’

Williams says that after her first yoga class, she thought that “for the first time in 18 months it’s like she came back to life”, and realized that during all that time she had “lost .

Now, her precious artistic photos are what she defines as “my own artistic therapy”, and she is happy to know that all of them help and encourage many others who, like her, are going through difficult times.

Although many only see in her account other photos more, the truth is that she explains how yoga helps her overcome all her problems: “offers a safe journey from fear, anxiety, and depression to love, where you can handle it Which is happening in our lives. ”

Encourage ‘healing’

Her Instagram account has become, in short, a proof that health and mental revitalization “is not only possible, but inevitable,” as she sums it up.

In her case she has been through yoga, and encourages all her followers to try and thus better cope with their emotional burdens, whatever they may be. Besides giving away images as beautiful as all these.

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