He leaves his dreamland barren to fulfill our dreams, Special on Father’s Day

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He leaves his dreamland barren to fulfill our dreams, Special on Father’s Day

In our lives, we read a definition of so many things. Most of the definitions are based on fact. But India is a country where some definitions are made from emotions. Like the definition of love, definition of emotions etc.  Father, who is a great man in our lives, he leaves his dreamland barren in order to fulfill our dreams.

Father is a hope, a hope
The family has the courage and faith,
Outside from the hard inside is soft
There are many miracles buried in his heart.

He is not only my first friend, he is also my first hero and role model.

Here are some of the teachings by him: 

Sometimes it is necessary to let things go

Often a man usually has a lighter perspective of some situations. A father will teach us that on some occasions you must accept things and just let them pass.

You must always be brave

A father will always teach you to show courage in the phase of any problem or situation. as a little girl, you realize that when he saw you fall off a bicycle and made you try again until you learn.


He never sounded arrogant or snobbish. Always a humble man, always with his feet on the ground. He taught me how to digest stuff and not be overwhelmed.

Everything can be solved

In many problems that arise day by day, your father will always show the strength necessary to solve them. He will teach you that any small or big drawback can be put forth somehow.

Give everything to the people you want

Your father is the clear example of a person who gives all his effort and dedication to his family. In him, you will have the great image of a human being who is capable of anything to make happy the people he loves the most.

Thank you Papa ! 🙂 Happy Father’s Day


  1. Anugrah Manuel says:

    Love it..

  2. Sonika says:

    Wow! great thoughg n sharing 😚😙😙

  3. Ritika Raj says:

    Great going.

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