A little Gesture for Child Development on Child Right’s Day 2018!

Haryana Day Celebration 2018!
November 1, 2018

A little Gesture for Child Development on Child Right’s Day 2018!

Symbol Of Innocence!


Symbol of Innocence!

 Sparkling Eyes, Smiling Thoughts and  Glory of Happiness, I remember It All!

                                                                     Symbol Of Innocence!

 A Baby is a Blessing,

A Gift from Heaven Above,

A Precious Little Life,

To  Cherish and To Love.

Child Awareness!

Children have the right to an adequate standard of living, health care, education and services, and to play and recreation. These include a balanced diet a warm bed to sleep in and access to schooling.


The organisation works for the welfare of children, their families, and the community!                     

                                               Smile Foundation – https://bit.ly/2KjoEbx

Child Encouragement!

Children have the right to protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination. This includes the right to safe places for children to play; constructive child-rearing behaviour, and acknowledgement of the evolving capacities of children.


Ensure better outcomes for children in orphanages and shelters across India!

 MAD [Make a Difference] – https://makeadiff.in/

 Child Prevention!

Children have the right to participate in communities and have programs and services for themselves. This includes children’s involvement in libraries and community programs, youth voice activities, and involving children as decision-makers.


To enhance the quality of education through Information Technology!                                                                                                                                Muskaan Dreamshttps://bit.ly/2KlrpcA


Work is for Adults, Play and Education is for Children!






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