“Maa” Significance of Purity!

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August 15, 2017
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“Maa” Significance of Purity!

In Hinduism, goddesses are believed to be and referred to as a divine mother, hence ‘ma’, e.g. Saraswati ma or ma Saraswati, the counterpart of the goddess Muse in Hinduism.

‘Ma’ in Hindi is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘matra’, also meaning mother. The same Sanskrit word was accepted into Latin as ‘mater’ and then from Latin into German as ‘mutter’, into Dutch as ‘moedor’ and into old English ‘modor’. ‘Mater’ from Latin was also accepted into French as ‘maternal’ and into English as ‘maternal’.

Mother’s are Delicately Delicious!

                                                                   Shower of  Blessings!

Learnings from Maa;

Its good to have feelings; Overcome your failures gracefully.

Achieve your goals, Love what you do; Do what you love, Life is filled with trouble and turmoil;

A woman should stoically maintain calm and dignity through the journey.

Maa always taught me;

Live with Courage, Chastity, Adherence to Dharma(righteousness)

A strong woman always follow;

Principles in life, a woman finally emerge into the ultimate winner in her own life,


Keep Going!

Often a woman usually has a higher emotional perspective of some situations. A mother will teach us that on some occasions you must accept things and just let them pass with patience, love and courage.

 Always be Brave!

A mother will always teach you to show courage in the phase of any problem or situation. As a little girl, you realize that when she saw you having a difficult time in settling your school bag and made you try again until you learn.

Modesty cost Nothing!

She never sounded arrogant or snobbish. Always a humble woman,

with her feet on the ground. She taught me how to digest stuff and not be overwhelmed.

Solution Digger!

In many problems that arise day by day, your mother will always show the strength and kindness to solve them. She will teach you that any small or big drawback can be put forth somehow.

Love Unconditionally!

Your mother is the clear example of a person who gives all his effort and dedication to her family. In her, you will have the great image of a human being who is capable of anything to make happy the people she loves the most.


Thank You, Maa!

                                                                                        Happy Mother’s Day!



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