Haryana Day Celebration 2018!

October 2, 2018
A little Gesture for Child Development on Child Right’s Day 2018!
November 20, 2018

Haryana Day Celebration 2018!

Haryana Day

Located on the north-central region of India, Haryana is one of the most prosperous states. Even though Haryana only takes up 1.4 % of the total land of India, it has the 6th highest per capita income. Previously, this state was known due to its contribution to the agricultural sector. But the state is slowly but steadily taking over the education, Health, and the Industrial area as well. The Haryana Government aims to create a business environment that is extremely progressive. It ranks 14th when it comes to ease of doing business and reform implementation. Let’s have a closer look at it.

हरियाणा आगे बढ़ रहा है- Education sector meets all the promises

Education has always been an important sector for the Haryana Government. Haryana has made great strides in the education sector in the last two decades. This can be seen by checking out the Annual EDI reports in recent years. The Annual EDI, which is conducted by NEUPA, for the year 2008 – 2009 showed that Haryana had achieved the fourth position. The EDI stands for Educational Development Index which indicated the condition of the upper primary and the primary school in every state of India. Haryana Government has taken a lot of steps when it comes to bringing a new wave of change in the Education Sector. Some of the steps taken by the government proactively are stated below :

The state of Haryana had come up with the budget for the financial year 2016 – 2017 which provided a significant boost for the educational sector. Moreover, the Government of Haryana had allocated Rs.14,300 crore, under the guidance of Finance Minister, Captain Abhimanyu.
To strengthen the programme ‘Make In India,’ ten vocational courses were introduced 490 schools in Chandigarh.
The State has also increased the budget outlay for Sarva Sikhshi Abhiyaan by around 20%. The Haryana Education Policy 2015 will bring a new method of teaching where detention policy will be made mandatory.

Healthcare and Haryana: Like a Couple in Love

The Governor of Haryana Government, Professor Kaptan S. Solanki has highlighted several steps to improve the health sector of the state. The focus is on strengthening health facilities by introducing new types of equipment, buildings and other resources. The process of providing free surgeries and medicines to Government Hospital Patients is being made more smooth and less cumbersome. Institutionalized deliveries have improved drastically and as a result, infant, as well as maternal mortality rate, has decreased sharply in the state.

662 doctors have been recruited to fill up the vacancies in the state government hospitals in Haryana, and the Retirement age of all the doctors have been increased to 65 years. The Government is trying to uplift the residents the socio-economically backward district Nuh, where Nursing and Dental Colleges are being set up. To provide specialized healthcare, institutions such as Cardiovascular Institute, Paediatrics Hospital and National Institute for Infectious Diseases is being set up. Now, the people of Haryana can get specialized cardiovascular, oncological and pediatric care. The State Government is also planning to bring out a Nursing Policy which will open the doors to the improvement of nursing Education in Haryana. This will ensure that qualified nurses can work in the Government hospitals of Haryana.

The roar of the Industrial Tiger, Haryana State

Haryana is one of the leading states in India when it comes to Industrial Production. This is mainly because of the production of passenger cars, mobile cranes, tractors, and two-wheelers, sectors in which the state rules the roost. The state is the third largest software exporters in India and is one of the most preferred destinations for IT in India. The hub of larger auto-component manufacturers, Haryana, produces almost two-thirds of the passenger cars, 60 % of motorcycles, 50% of tractors and 50% of the refrigerators, which are being made in this country. The state has around 6 Economic Zones. The exports of auto-components were about $1.39 billion in the Financial year of 2017-2018 from Haryana. Under the Industrial and Investment policy of 2011, Haryana offers an extensive range of financial benefits for several businesses. It has several sector-specific policies for IT and Tourism sectors. Entrepreneurs get a lot of help from the HSIIDC when they decide to invest in the state. The Haryana Government has introduced several incentives that include floor area ratio, transferring property charges, registration rebate, etc.

The HSIIDC developed many industrial model townships, specialized parks, and Industrial estates which will help in cluster development.

A new industrial model township is under construction. It is located at Maneswar, and the region will soon be industrially developed. The Haryana State Government has made plans on making it the engineering and automotive hub of the state.

The Industrial Promotion Act of Haryana 2005, gave rise to the mechanism of the single window clearance. This is a significant reason behind the immense growth of the Industrial Sector in Haryana. It introduces a 3- tier system which helps to grant exemption or relaxation from any provision or rules of the Act. Moreover, Haryana is the first state which has introduced SWAN for data and video transmission.

A Greener Earth: Adopting a more eco-friendly approach

Haryana focuses on taking a more eco-friendly approach in the industrial sector of the state. Several eco- idea factories are being set up. In the Jhajjar region, these factories will be set up, which will increase employment opportunities. The eco-friendly ideas include adopting sustainable practices for business and zero- carbon usage. The techno-park for Panasonic is designed keeping several ecological factors in mind. There are talks of installation of solar modules on the rooftop along with water recycling system. Most of the companies focus on three key areas when it comes to eco-friendly methods:

Recycling and waste management
Reduction in Carbon dioxide emission
Reduction in usage of toxic chemical substances

Pioneer of an eco-friendly approach
In Haryana, Panasonic India set up several factories keeping regional eco ideas in mind. Some of their actions include:
Eco-friendly ideas for changes in lifestyle
Panasonic India wanted to establish eco-friendly environment by providing more eco-friendly products. They plan on coming up with a more comprehensive environmental and energy solutions which helps to enrich the lives of all its consumers.
Eco-friendly ideas for Business
This includes less emission of carbon dioxide and green manufacturing.
The goal of the company is to become the number one company when it comes to green innovation in the Electronics Industry by the year 2018.

Haryana has come along a long way. Apart from being one of the top producers in Agriculture, it has also reached new heights when it comes to education, health, and industrial sector.

Development in Haryana has taken the country by storm

Haryana is a state located in the northern part of the land of India. Majority of the population of the state is engaged in agriculture. Development has almost never touched this state because a significant percentage of Haryanvis lived in the rural areas. Haryana has been the second largest contributor of food grains in India and has continued to retain it’s position, even today. Today, with the help of the various steps taken by the government, both the centre and the state, the state of Haryana has fastened its pace on the road towards development.

Educating the country, Haryanvi Style

Agriculture, as mentioned before contributed significantly to the economy of Haryana, with agriculture being the largest occupation. The government, of both the center and the state started realizing the importance of farmers, and the impact development would have in their lives, that would eventually contribute to the growth of the entire country. Thus, the government began to take various steps that would help to help improve the condition of state in the fields of education, health, and industrialization. The actions and measures taken by the government have changed the face of the state completely and helped promote faster and more inclusive urbanization. More people are moving to the cities, in search job of jobs, providing a fillip with the job market.

Haryana Dreams

If you search the internet, you will find that the development and growth in the fields of education and industrialization have helped the people from different parts of Haryana to grow and make their mark in the world. They have become successful personalities and have brought about a change in the growth of the state of Haryana. Haryana is no more a state that is backward; it is now a leading state in almost every field. The state of Haryana has become a significant part in helping the country to move towards modernization.

Witness the growth of Haryana!

You can read on different online portals about how the state of Haryana has progressed, in education, which has helped the people become prosperous and become a part of the mainstream urban society. The Sarva Shiksha Abhigyan and other programmes conducted by the government have had far-reaching effects on the people of the state. In the same way, the state has moved towards Urbanization via the modern industries and health facilities and become a leading state in India.



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