7 Benefits of content marketing for B2B companies

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7 Benefits of content marketing for B2B companies

Content marketing is a technique that creates and distributes content relevant to your target audience.

The creation of content according to the needs and interests of your customers is given through the knowledge that you have of them and their purchase process. The most common digital channels where content distribution is most made are blog and social networks.

Content marketing can be considered as the ace of B2B companies to improve their positioning in the industry, generate leads and close sales. For some, 89% of B2B marketing managers use content marketing ( Content Marketing Institute , 2017)

It’s a very encouraging figure that makes you think better about your strategy if you do not use content marketing yet. But if you still do not convince yourself then we present 7 benefits of content marketing for industrial marketing:

1. Generate new leads

According to Hubspot, B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads than those without blogs; The good content is so effective. By posting new and relevant content in your digital media, your chances of new customers finding your business, your services and the value that your company is willing to give them improve.

2. Help get new customers

If your content had the first contact with your prospect either through a Google search or an e-book downloaded from your website, you already have a large part of the approach gained, content marketing plays an important role in the process Purchase in B2B.

Lori Wizdo, chief analyst at Forester Research, says B2B buyers can be close to 90% of their buying decision when they first come into contact with a seller. So the content posted on your website, email, search engines and social networks will help you get new customers no matter what position of the purchase process they are.

3. Improve SEO positioning

The search engines are based on content, the more content you develop that is relevant and in which you use the keywords that are appropriate for your sector, the better position you will get in the search results related to your business. If you can create content of a high value and also link you from other websites, a decisive factor when improving the SEO position of your website.

By improving your positioning your industrial business gains greater visibility.

4. Content marketing efforts focus on web traffic

The discovery through search engines combined with publications in social networks aim to increase your web traffic considerably. B2B companies that update their blog more than eleven times a month have three times more web traffic than those that do it between 0-4 times ( Hubspot , 2015)

An increase in web traffic means an increase in engagement and at the same time an increase in ROI.

5. It has a low cost

A complete content marketing strategy requires resources and time investment, but can be more effective than other forms of marketing today. The Content Marketing Institute claims that “content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates three times more leads.”

So it can be said that the investment that can be made with any other digital strategy, is managed to maximize through content marketing.

6. Optimize customer retention

According to Roper Public Affairs & Corporate Communications, 61% of consumers feel more comfortable with companies that deliver content. Through content marketing you deliver customized, targeted and relevant content to your existing customers, so you can keep them with great content, long-term retention improvements.

7. Build a community around your business.

When you share content of value to your audience through social networks, your company becomes a referent of new and important information. In addition, social channels are places where your customers have the option of interacting with other customers, creating a community around your brand and your social networks. According to Inbound Writer, 6 out of 10 consumers would recommend a brand that they follow via social media.

Now that you know the benefits that you can get when creating content marketing, remember that the main goal is to deliver value to your client looking for a relationship of trust. At Route Social we use content marketing as a key part of Inbound Marketing . Lets talk ?

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